Assess your entrepreneurial readiness and commitment for the company or idea you have with our eight week master class. This programme builds on general business acumen and lays a solid foundation on which to build a business.


    If you are ready to embark on the journey, our three month pre-incubation programme takes your idea or business closer to reality. In this programme, which precedes our formal incubation programmes, we help you with a feasibility study and company registration.


    It is always difficult to leave the nest. That is why we offer post incubation services. We’re there for general handholding and support.


    With a business plan and prototype available, or if you are trading with a small client base and staff component, you need full support to ensure that your enterprise survives its first year or becomes strengthened and operationally effective. We offer a full suite of support services including business, infrastructure and technological support. Our mentors and coaches are on standby to support you, and we provide you with marketing, admin, HR, legal and business support services all the way. You also receive world-class office facilities. The duration of this programme is 24 months.


    Virtual incubation is similar to full incubation. However, this option is for small business owners who have their own business premises and who prefer to receive all our support services (minus infrastructure) through computer-mediated communication. The duration of this programme is 18 months.


    This six month programme supports companies that were registered in pre-incubation, and it is also relevant for small businesses which are already in the operational stage. Your business plan and prototype are developed in this stage of incubation, and we also connect you with funding, and our networks to ensure you are off to flying a start.